Prep for Markup Basics Workshop

I’m really looking forward to next week’s workshop: “Markup Basics: Build an Online CV in 45 Minutes”. We will be meeting Tuesday 10/23 at 3:00pm in Walsh 047.

In order for us to get our CV marked up in 45 minutes, it will helpful to have a few things taken care of before the meeting. The workshop assumes that everyone will be working on their own laptop, but it is not a necessity. If you want to work on one of the lab computers (or do not wish to install any software), that’s fine. Some (relatively minor) parts of the workshop will not be available, but you will still be able to markup your document and leave with an HTML/CSS-based CV.

Note that this is a markup workshop aimed at complete beginners. That said, if you have HTML/CSS experience but do not have a formatted CV, consider using the 45 minutes to get this done. Your shared expertise will no doubt also be appreciated by those sitting around you.

Bring to the workshop:

  • Your current CV. A .doc or .pdf might save you a bit of time, as you will be able to cut and paste.
  • Your laptop. I will be using a Mac but the workshop will work for any platform. You will need to have a browser installed (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and a text editor (e.g. TextEdit for Mac, Notepad for PC, etc. but see below)

Before the workshop:

As mentioned above, these are not required, but I plan to share a few time-saving hints that take advantage of their features. NB: I will be using a Mac with TextWrangler and Chrome.

See you next Tuesday. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.—Patrick

From Public Course Blogs to Grand, Aggregated Experiments


10/23 FGSDH Meeting, Walsh Library Computer Lab 047
>>”Markup Basics: Build an Online CV in 45 Minutes” A workshop on HTML led by Patrick Burns.
>>Group members who attended THATCampNY will briefly share their experiences.
>>”Brainstorming an Appeal for More DH at Fordham for Graduate Students in 45 Minutes” The group will begin research and collaboration to create a document to be presented to Fordham University requesting that a program for basic digital literacy be implemented for graduate students. The appeal will also outline what such a program would entail.

Here is Will Fenton‘s Prezi from Tuesday’s meeting on digital pedagogy.