Final FGSDH Meeting on 12/4 from 2:00-3:45

12/4 2:00-3:45 Dealy 208A. Join us at the final meeting of the semester. This will be an important organizational meeting to make this group better than ever. Here’s your chance to take a lead in planning the FGSDH’s future, as well as find out the exciting things already in the works for next semester.

Here’s your chance to take a lead in planning this group’s future. Volunteers are needed to

  • Assume a more active role in the FGSDH: Social media. Web design. Meeting planning. Marketing.
  • Plan DH-related events to take place at Fordham.
  • Help plan “Teaching and Research with Technology Day” in the spring, a day of discussion and workshops with special guests from the NYC DH community and beyond.
  • Lead or organize a mini workshop on coding, digital pedagogy, and designing born-digital research.
  • Help draft a request to the administration that Fordham University should offer institutional support to all graduate students wishing to pursue research and teaching in the digital humanities.

Learn more about the early winter trip to the New York Public Library’s map room for a workshop on the “map warper tool.”  This free workshop will be especially tailored for our group. At the 12/4 meeting, share what would you like to discover about digital mapping at the library.

Give your input (become the organizer!) for a possible spring reading and discussion group. Texts we’re considering are Stephen Ramsay’s Reading Machines and Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. Is there a book you would like to read with group? Share your suggestions on 12/4. Using FGSDH funds, free books will be provided to all reading group participants.


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