Can DH Get You A Job? Reading DH Job Postings

Have you encountered job descriptions with requirements like these?
Experience with a technical area of digital humanities such as data visualization, text mining, digital pedagogy, spatial humanities, data curation, network analysis, and scholarly communication

What does a Digital Humanities Coordinator at CUNY do, anyway?

Don’t assume that just because you aren’t a computer scientist, you can’t be eligible for these jobs!

Can Digital Humanities Get You A Job?
A Presentation and Discussion of DH Job Descriptions
Thursday, February 20, 12:30pm. Dealy 203

Bring a job description to the meeting.  We’ll discuss how to read these documents, what the skills involve mean and are, and how to go about gaining some of these skills while a student at Fordham University.

PS: As always, never let “not having done the homework” prevent you from coming to a meeting — can’t find a job description?  We know you’re all busy.  We’ll have extras to discuss!  Please show up anyway: we’ll be delighted to see you and to have another perspective in the discussion.

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