Join us for the first annual NYCDH Week from February 8-12th for a celebration of all things DH in New York City! Digital humanists from Fordham, Columbia, NYU, NYPL, and other area academic and cultural institutions will come together to learn from one another and collaborate across our institutional divides. The program includes networking sessions, social events, and open workshops offered across the city. The first NYCDH Week promises to be full of great experiences for novices and experts alike.

What’s happening at Fordham?

  • The central event of NYCDH Week is an afternoon of networking, lightning talks, and panels held at our very own Fordham Lincoln Center campus. This meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 9th beginning at 12:30 and will be followed by a social outing at a nearby bar.
  • Tobias Hrynick (Fordham Medieval History) is leading an “Introduction to Omeka” workshop on Thursday from 9:30-11:30 at Lincoln Center. This session is intended to equip beginners with sufficient knowledge of Omeka to assess whether it is appropriate for their particular projects, and to describe some resources which they might use to unravel any problems they encounter with the system in the future. (See the NYCDH Week schedule for a full description of Toby’s workshop.)
  • Amy Papaelias (SUNY New Paltz) will shed light on “Typography for [Digital] Humanists” at Fordham Lincoln Center at 10am on Friday. This workshop will provide an overview of basic typographic principles and will focus specifically on issues related to typography for [digital] humanists, such as typeface selection for digital projects, web typography tools and typography for UI/ UX design.


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