The development and use of digital tools for research, publishing, and pedagogy has transformed scholarship in the humanities, and this has led to a dynamic area of study known as the digital humanities. The founder of the digital humanities is widely acknowledged to be Father Roberto Busa (1913-2011), an Italian Jesuit priest. Beginning in 1949 and lasting almost 30 years, Father Busa authored the Index Thomisticus, a tool he developed with the help of IBM to perform text searches within the voluminous writing of St. Thomas Aquinas. The Fordham Graduate Student Digital Humanities Group continues in the spirit of Father Busa’s work in its mission to engage, maintain, and deepen students’ knowledge and interests in using digital tools in their scholarly and pedagogical pursuits. Through discussion and instruction of the digital humanities’ current practices and methodologies, particularly in the contexts of graduate studies and professionalization, this group provides students an opportunity to learn about and discuss this important area of research.

The Fordham GSDH Group welcomes students from all disciplines, whether or not they have experience using the tools and methods related to the digital humanities. The group should be of special interest to students who are preparing for a professional academic career in the humanities, a career that most likely will require digital fluency in regards to teaching, research, and publishing. At the same time, the group should appeal to computer science students with an interest in the humanities, as there is a growing need for scholars who are adept with technology and humanities practices. Other members of the campus community are also encouraged to join, even if they are not graduate students.

The Fordham GSDH Group is recognized as a Charter Group by the Fordham University Graduate Student Association.

Please Like us on Facebook. On our Facebook page, you’ll find announcements for upcoming FGSDH events. We also frequently post links and resources that may be of interest to group members and friends.

Please join this friendly group at our twice-monthly or so meetings, on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Check the Events for meeting times, as well as for special events we’re planning, such as workshops, conferences, and study groups.

Read about the Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0”

Jen Rajchel, Video Interview, “Digital Humanities and the Undergrad,” NITLE.

Rebecca Frost Davis, “Introductory Readings for Digital Humanities.”

Matthew Kirschenbaum: “What Is the Digital Humanities and What Is It Doing in English Departments?”

Alexander Reid: “Graduate Education and the Ethics of the Digital Humanities” in Matthew Gold, ed., Debates in the Digital Humanities.

William Pannapacker: “No DH No Interview

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