Past Events

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2014-2015 Events
• “Debates in the Digital Humanities” with Alisa Beer and Patrick Burns
• “Digital Pedagogy” with Louie Dean Valencia-Garcia and Elizabeth Cornell
• “Building and Maintaining an Online Profile” with Christy Pottroff and Alisa Beer
• Topics in Digital Mapping: “Thinking about Time with Maps: Timelines/Palladio” with David Wrisley and David Levine
• Topics in Digital Mapping: “Georectifying/MapWarper” with David Wrisley
• Topics in Digital Mapping: “Intro to CartoDB” with David Wrisley

2013-2014 Events
• “Can DH Get You A Job?  A Presentation and Discussion of DH Job Descriptions” with Elizabeth Cornell
Book discussion: Matthew Jocker’s Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History with Patrick Burns
• “DH+Pedagogy” with Will Fenton, Christy Pottroff, Christopher Rose, and Louie Dean Valencia-Garcia
• THAT Camp: Digital Writing at Fordham

2012-2013 Events
• “Teaching to the Network: DH and Public Pedagogy” with Matt Gold
Omeka for Teaching and Research with Alex Gil
Getting Academic Things Done: Using Innovative Digital Tools with Jon Stanfill
“Digital Traces”: A Roundtable Discussion
• Discussion of Stephen Ramsay’s Reading Machines with Patrick Burns
Map Warper Workshop at The New York Public Library
• “You Online: Developing Your Academic Web Presence” with Michael Mandiberg
• “Markup Basics: Build an Online CV in 45 Minutes” with Patrick Burns
•  THATCampNY, Lincoln Center Campus
• “Digital Pedagogy: What Is It? How Do You Do It?” with Patrick Burns, Will Fenton, and Elizabeth Cornell

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